Nova Golf Handicap

Colour Schemes

You choose your own colour schemes.  If you wish we can set the system to display in your club’s colours.  Workstations can have different colour schemes by location. Perhaps a different colour scheme for the ladies locker room, you decide.

Handicap Calculations

We guarantee that all calculations for handicaps required by the rules and regulations of the RCGA and USGA are provided. This includes short course, combined nine-hole scores, nine-hole handicaps, exceptional tournament score reductions, committee adjustments and withdrawals.  These calculations will be modified immediately as new regulations are in force, so you will always comply.

Score Entry

Most systems do not support entry of scores from members who are away for the winter.  The RCGA requires these scores be entered in order to comply with official handicap regulations.  Nova Golf validates if a score is acceptable by the date of play by duration of the season, club, region, or the governing golf association. Therefore, you can control when scores are posted without having to shut the system down. This ensures that your member's handicaps are accurate and in compliance with your golf association's rules and regulations.  Many systems do not provide this capability and shut down during the off season.

Screen Resolution

The software will scale and resize to any screen resolution that you are using, we have no minimum requirement.  You can choose the settings that are most suitable for you by workstation, giving greater clarity, larger colour choice, and higher definition.  You are not limited to a touch screen monitor, which do not provide a high resolution screen and are grainy in appearance.


Our handicap system provides a secure environment providing the option to use either a touch screen or a regular screen with a keyboard and mouse. Both are equally as secure, so if you do not wish to use touch screens you do not have to, just use the hardware that you have today!

Nova Golf Web-Services

The web services provide instant access to the handicap system via the internet. If your club does not have a web site, we can either help you attain your own web site or provide this service through a secure section on our site. If you prefer to have this capability built into your website, we can provide the integration services to do so.

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