Nova Golf Starting Times & Reservations

Starting Points

The system is designed to support any starting point requirement. Should your course have starting points at the first and seventh holes on one course and first and tenth on another, we can accommodate this requirement. There are no limits on the number of course and starting point combinations.


Starting time intervals can be whatever your club requires, there are no limitations. Use 7 minutes in the morning and 8 minutes in the afternoon, alternate , cross-overs, shotguns. Literally will handle any situation!


No matter how complex your requirement is for any given day, by creating templates, new starting time schedules can be generated at the click of a button. If Saturday is an eight o'clock shotgun in the morning, with a one o’clock shotgun in the afternoon these starting times can be stored in templates for use when required. Your club uses crossovers on Sundays, these also can be stored in templates and then easily generated when necessary.

Electronic Reservations

If using the starting time and reservation system with electronic reservations at your club, members can enter revservations through our web-services thus saving the starter time answering the phone. These options can be tailored by your system administrator.

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