Nova Golf Web-Services

The web services provide instant access to the handicap system via the internet. If your club does not have a web site, we can either help you attain your own web site or provide this service through a secure section on our site. If you prefer to have this capability built into your website, we can provide you the integration services to do so.

Member Entry

Secure entry to the handicap system is provided using encryption. Once logged in, a member can view their handicap and safely add scores while travelling. The system is real-time so handicaps are always accurate.

Administration Entry

Administrators, chosen by your Computer System Administrator have full access to the handicap system. They can see members’ scores and research for handicap committee meetings in the comfort of their own home, providing better handicapping control for your club.

Electronic Reservations

If using the starting time and reservation system at your club, members can enter ballots, view current and past starting times. They can also make requests for open starting times consequently saving the starter’s time answering the phone. These options can be tailored by your system administrator.

System Requirements

The club requires internet access preferably through a broadband connection for higher speeds which will better serve your members. These services do not require a static “IP” address from your Internet Service Provider, we can operate using dynamic addressing as well. We do, however, recommend an inexpensive router with a firewall to better protect your systems.

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